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GGAC Update: Low Turnout for Municipal Election

14 Oct 2015 11:12 AM | Anonymous

By Anna Lande Oct 7, 2015

Albuquerque voters went to the polls Tuesday to elect two city councilors for the Northeast Heights and Southeast Heights, and decide several bond issues to fund public transportation, the zoo and BioPark and and modernizing city water facilities.

Voter turnout in the city’s municipal elections is often low – KOB reported there was an 8.24% turnout in polling centers city-wide for Tuesday’s muncipal election.

UNM student Chandra Blue Hues suspects the UNM polling location was quiet because the election wasn’t publicized well.

“I saw some of the advertisements for councilors, I really only knew this election was happening because it was in the Alibi,” said Hues. “There was a woman walking around campus passing out the Alibi and saying there was an election and no one was talking about it,” she added.

Voters visiting the UNM polls believe voting in municipal elections is critical.

“Oh, those who turn up run the world,” said Albuquerque voter, Susan Remer, “Especially with the turnout in elections it’s important that everyone gets out and votes.”

There were fifty-three polling locations across Albuquerque, open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  The next municipal election will occur in 2019.

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