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Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering for K-12 outreach activities related to STEM. If you are asked to participate in an event, we can provide an activity and materials. The chapter leadership is always willing to step in and help you put something together for students.

STEM Day at George I Sanchez Collaborative Community School

On October 4th, ASHRAE New Mexico Chapter sponsored a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Day at George I. Sanchez Collaborative Community School in Albuquerque.

Local ASHRAE members Joe Higham, Stephen Forner, Stacey Chan, Cesar Mercado, Trevor Keegan, Pat Watkins, Victoriano Ceballos, and Doug Brown volunteered their time to teach 6th & 7th grade students about careers in our industry. After spending some time talking with the kids, the students designed and built towers with drinking straws and masking tape. Upon completion, the towers were tested by subjecting them to a load (using the rolls of masking tape). The kids learned that engineering can be fun, while introducing them to the engineering design process.

In addition to ASHRAE members, volunteers from the New Mexico Environment Department, Central New Mexico Community College, New Mexico Tech, and local architectural & engineering firms were on hand. A special thank you to Erin Higham, who volunteered her time to coordinate with the school administration. She organized everything with the school, allowing the volunteers to show up and share their knowledge with the kids.

Our local Chapter will be planning another event in the spring and will be accepting new volunteers! If you would like to volunteer for the next event, or have a suggestion of a school to visit, contact us.

STEM DAY at Comanche Elementary School

In November 2015, ASHRAE-NM participated in a STEM event held at Comanche Elementary School. We used an ASHRAE provided activity, “Sliders Gliders” to teach the students about the iterative design process.

College Graduate Membership Special

Want to become an ASHRAE member after finishing college? Participate in the Smart Start Program and your annual membership starts at $20! The first year out of college is $20 and the 2 years after that are each $50.

For more information on the benefits of becoming an ASHRAE member and to download the application visit ASHRAE Membership

Student Store 

Students in the ME365 HVAC class at the University of New Mexico are eligible for a special discount. The ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook is nominally priced at $49 for student members (and $200 for non-members), but we are offering it to our students in ME365 for only $20. Additionally, the Student membership of $20 includes the textbook for their class.

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