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Membership Promotion Committee Update

19 Dec 2016 4:21 PM | Anonymous

Exciting news for the membership committee this month. Ariel Nephew of QA Engineering has graciously donated her time to serve as the Retention Chair for membership. Ariel is a recent graduate from the UNM mechanical engineering program. She learned about our industry by taking the HVAC class (ME365) and has been able to quickly find a job after graduating, and through the donations that the ASHRAE membership made in supplying text books to the students was interested in working with the chapter now that she has begun her professional career. Please welcome Ariel to her new position and to our industry when you have an opportunity to meet her. Thank you for volunteering Ariel, we are all happy to have you on board.

Please remember if you have any colleagues and friends in the industry that are not currently part of the chapter, invite them to a meeting and introduce them around, there are many benefits to ASHRAE membership and we are always looking to add to the roster. Thank you all for your dedication to making the New Mexico chapter successful.

Ryan Shaffer
Membership Promotion


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