Region IX Chapter 77

Message from the President

01 Mar 2019 8:05 AM | Anonymous

“Being a part of something bigger”. This is one of the many reasons why I love being involved in ASHRAE.

At the most recent ASHRAE Winter Meeting, I had the amazing opportunity to attend as a participant in the program LeadRS (Leadership Development through Regional Support). I witnessed the inner workings of Society. Council meetings and Board meetings discussed and voted on motions from Chapters around the world. From policy and budget changes to updating the Councils and technical programs, ASHARE is making an impact on the future of our industry. It’s inspiring. And it all begins right here at the Chapter level.

Are there changes you’d like to see in ASHRAE? An old policy that should be updated, or a new idea that could be implemented? It could be in membership benefits, publications, e-Learning, certifications, conferences and expos, or anything else! Contact me and we can work together to write a motion to make those changes.

Join us as we continue to improve ASHRAE and our industry. Let’s work together to shape tomorrow’s built environment today. Let’s be a part of something bigger. 



Stacey Chan


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by: Stacey Chan

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