Region IX Chapter 77

Los Alamos Meeting: October Chapter Meeting: Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

  • 10 Oct 2018
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • UNM-Los Alamos Building 5, Room 505 (Wallace Hall)


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Mike Farnsworth Bio

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

PNW Regional Sales Manager


Professional Bio

Mike Farnsworth is a Regional Sale’s Manager who works with commercial HVAC representatives and engineers nationally to provide energy solutions for improved IAQ on commercial and specialty HVAC application.  After nearly a decade working mechanical services and healthcare architecture, Mike most recently worked for NAS-Huntair as the lead architectural engineer for the healthcare division in Oregon.  Mike’s experience has led to a strong understanding of indoor air quality, filtration, and the impact of filtration on mechanical systems.  Understanding that the solution to pollution is no longer dilution, filtration now plays a vital role in more than just protecting our mechanical systems.     

Mike’s professional experience has led to installed projects at healthcare facilities such as NY-Presbyterian Hospital, Yale New Haven Hospital, Portland VA, and the Illinois Masonic Medical Center.  Now focused primarily on filtration, Mike is challenging the approach to clean air by providing improved IAQ solutions at lower energy rates for a range of applications from healthcare to museums, labs, schools, and commercial offices.  Recent projects include the Biology Lab at University of Saskatchewan, Environmental Health Lab Alaska, and the worlds largest cannabis facility – Aurora Sky in Edmonton, Alberta.

Mike holds a BS in Architectural Studies and Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Presentation Summary

Title:  Indoor Air Quality:  Air Cleaning, Energy, and Maintenance

“First man wanted heat - then cooling, then humidity control, and now – CLEAN air.  Understanding outdoor air quality if the first step towards improving your indoor air quality.  With an endless number of approaches and “solutions” available in the market, it can be difficult knowing where to start.  This presentation seeks to provide clarity on the current state of air quality, your options for improving air quality, and the energy/maintenance impacts associated with those options.”

1)      What is Indoor Air Quality

2)      Airborne Contaminants

3)      Means and Technologies of Controlling

4)      ASHRAE 62 and Air Cleaning

5)      Costs and Benefits of Clean Air

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